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COMPUTERHELLEF DOHEEM stands for quality service in Mondorf-les-Bains. Take a look below at what our area of expertise is and feel free to contact us directly with any additional questions.

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Aussergewöhnlicher Service

Seit 2005 bietet COMPUTERHELLEF DOHEEM (Geschäftssitz in Mondorf-les Bains) den Kunden erstklassige Dienstleistungen mit Vor-Ort-Service zum einheitlichen Preis überall im Land an.

Wir bieten Ihnen maßgeschneiderte und dauerhafte Problemlösungen nach allen Regeln der Kunst.


ProMaShi service


According to our company philosophy, the best problems are those that never arise or can be solved by the customer themselves.

Therefore, our helpdesk gives the customer the best possible assistance without endangering the customer's device or customer data. 

If the problem overwhelms the possibilities of the helpdesk, it is an advantage to have the ProMaShi service.

Because then, as soon as available, a technician takes over and provides VIP breakdown assistance.

Roadside assistance at home or in the company


Our technician diagnoses, evaluates the problem and solves it on site using every trick in the book. As always, there are exceptions:
The problem cannot be solved locally, or the data is at risk when the problem is solved.
In this case, the affected device is transferred to the workshop

grid expansion


The internet pages freeze, the computer reports "No access to the server", the game aborts, the film turns into a still image, or do you simply have no wifi coverage. 
We have the solution for all these problems - just give us a call and the spook will stop. 
As a bonus, thanks to our intervention, you have a professionally adjusted and secured network.



A problem cannot always be solved on site, sometimes the worm is in there and then you have to use all your expertise to evaluate the symptoms, make a reliable diagnosis and definitely eliminate the problem. 

You just want to have your computer set up by a professional.

You want your data saved.

We guarantee all this in our workshop. Here you can demand the best, because you get the very best from us.

training courses


Do you despair of your computer, mobile phone, smart device? 

Then we have the solution - training courses from COMPUTERHELLEF DOHEEM. 

We are at your disposal with advice and action. Whether it's a crash course, individual training or simple assistance, just give us a call and we'll have a solution for you.

Sale of computers, notebooks and accessories


Our company motto is: "Computer science - according to all the rules of the art" 

And this means:

- High quality goods

- Sustainable, repairable goods

- Reliable goods

- Efficient goods

- Complete goods

In short: An "all-inclusive price" for a computer hand-picked by us, or a computer assembled by us according to CHDH criteria  from our own production. 

Network storage - private cloud

Image by Claudio Schwarz

It was never advisable to entrust your own data to strangers or a stick.

So store your data on your own secure network storage and access it from anywhere, whenever you want.

We have the necessary expertise to individually set up and secure your network-connected storage device.

Unser Notdienst - Fernwartung


Benötigen Sie rasch Hilfe? Wir helfen Ihnen innerhalb von 4 Arbeitsstunden auf Ihre Anfrage. Unser kostenpflichtiger Computernotdienst steht Ihnen unter der Nummer 26 51 25 74 während der Arbeitsstunden zur Verfügung.

 ProMaShi (*) -Mitglieder werden kostengünstiger und bevorzugt behandelt.

(*) ProMaShi - Protect Maintainance Shield - Unser rundum Sorglospaket für ihren informatischen Alltag

Start: Über uns


- Roadside assistance at your home
- Breakdown service in our workshop
- Personalized training at your home
- Advice and support for your IT projects
- Maintenance of consumer computers
- Sale and maintenance of high quality computers
- Sale and maintenance of high-tech computers of own production
- Setting up, maintaining and securing company networks
- Setting up and maintaining servers

- Breakdown service in our workshop
- Personalized training at your home
- Advice and support for your EDV projects


2-4 Rue du Moulin, 5638 Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg

52 38 60


26 51 25 74

Thanks for sending!

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